As one of the largest scoria pits in the nation, Iron Horse can provide your scoria needs at a fair price. From our North Dakota Pits we supply the area with both 3" minus scoria, & crushed for your project needs.
Also ask us about  our  Gravel , Crushed Concrete & Rock.
Millions of tons of Iron Horse Scoria in North Dakota
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Scoria-- (Natural Brick rock) is somewhat porous, has high
surface area and strength for its weight with often has striking
colors. Scoria is often used in landscaping and drainage works.  It
is in high demand in ND where oil drilling is taking place.  It is used
to build roads to oil fields and to  make oil pads as well as being
used for landscaping base material for construction sites  

Scoria is a volcanic rock containing many holes or vesicles. It is
most generally dark in color (generally dark brown, black or red),
and basaltic or andesitic in composition.

Scoria is relatively low in mass as a result of its numerous
macroscopic ellipsoidal vesicles, but in contrast to pumice  all
scoria has a specific gravity greater than 1 and sinks in water.
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